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The authors say that corporal punishment within the school system may be capable of adding to a child’s aggressive behavior that may later turn into criminal. “Virginia Tech students mourn the victims at a candlelightvigil! ”(2008) an article in School violence in The United States, says that corporal punishment can fact turn into criminal acts such as in the 1995 in Giles County, Tennessee case. “Virginia Tech students mourn the victims at a candlelight vigil! ”(2008), says that corporal punishment led 17-year old Jamie Rouse to do a school shooting.

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As of 2017, corporal punishment is outlawed in all settings, including the home, in 53 countries and 2 constituent countries. States that have completely prohibited corporal punishment of children are listed below (in chronological order):

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They don’t because spanking is to be better at controlling aggression than mental punishments like timeout, reasoning, scolding, “non-contact” punishment, privilege removal, love withdrawal, or diverting. Also showing that calm and controlled spanking, and spanking in response to defiance, is uniformly more beneficial than other punishments. (Larzelere,2005) Growing up in a household where corporal punishment was definitely used by my parents, I feel my experience has had a huge impact on me because it has honestly helped me now more than anything.

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some form of over-discipline through the use of corporal punishment" (qtd. in Wegner 719). For example, conventional level of spanking may work for a while. But with parents' frequent use of spanking whenever the child misbehaves, parents may use harsher means to discipline their children "which can exceed the 'reasonable force' threshold and become abuse" (Robinson). This problem has now become more pressing and serious that the more corporal punishment someone experienced as an adolescent, the greater…

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Punishment is necessary to make a person realize that he or she has done wrong. There are many types of punishment present in our society, i.e., ignorance, giving away a lot of writing stuff, smacking, scolding and the corporal punishment. The corporal punishment has been limited almost in every country because it’s the severe form of punishing a human. While ignorance is the strategy usually used by friends and family members to show other person that he has done wrong. At school, we find teachers punishing children by giving a lot more homework to do than routine work. At some level, parents feel that it is their right to scold or smack their children, in order to realize them, about their mistake. Every person has his or her own way of punishing others over his mistake. But we should be very careful, when dealing with children, as it could have adverse affects on the minds of children.

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the fact that it is a form of child abuse. At the moment, countries are divided as to legalize corporal punishment or create a law saying it is illegal. In the book written by Abela (2007) for the Council of Europe, she notes that “spanking of children less than two years old increases the risk of severe physical injury and the child is unlikely to understand the connection between behavior and punishment.” Most parents tend to go overboard when disciplining their children, especially when they are…

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I also wanted to note that although Don Bosco didn’t believe in corporal punishment in his schools, he substituted for that with a strong emphasis on confession, and he taught them about mortal sin and hellfire and damnation. Teaching about that would probably get you accused of child abuse nowadays.