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WHY THE CRITERION IS ESSENTIAL: Because enshrinement in The Criterion Collection ensures that Pasolini's final film will be considered as a profound work of art, and not just a vile provocation. And because you really need to read Gideon Bachmann's diary from the set.

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WHY THE CRITERION IS ESSENTIAL: Criterion spared no expense on this (sadly still relevant) release, putting a must-own version of this must-watch film into stores across the United States. The disc is loaded with passionate and informed talking heads, but is truly worth owning for the collection of Milk's audio recordings that were ultimately excised from the film.

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Includes directors’ cuts, film essays, interviews and transcripts. Note: some content in the Criterion Collection may not be suitable for all audiences.
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An important note about the criteria used: This is not a list of the best films in The Criterion Collection. This is a list of the best Criterion Collection releases (as determined by one obsessive collector, with an assist on some of the capsules ), and while my love for the films themselves was overwhelmingly the most important factor in determining these rankings, everything from the quality of the transfer to the depth of the supplemental material and the beauty of the packaging was considered. Obviously that made it more difficult for standard-def releases to make the cut, and – in order not to fill the list up with Criterion's incredible box sets – bang for the buck was a factor as well. The question I always returned to was "how important is it to own this particular edition?" It's not lost on me that only one of these films was directed by a woman, and

It can be extremely difficult to acknowledge The Criterion Collection without sanctifying it, and it doesn't take long for most cinephiles to simply give up trying to divine the difference (this isn't the place to provide a primer, but readers unfamiliar with the world's most essential boutique home video distributor should give ).