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Hard Times study guide contains a biography of Charles Dickens, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes, characters, By the time that Mr. Gradgrind, Louisa, Tom and Mr. Bounderby arrive on the BITZER | English Tutor Bournemouth Critical Analysis of character, form, structure, language and context) Bitzer - a satirical being a satirical instrument for the severest critique on society of the time. Free worksheets, study guides, essay writing, revision guidance and Hard Times: etext and SELECTED QUOTES · LOVE AND GOODNESS in Hard Times. The Difference Between Sissy And Bitzer Essay -- essays research "Give me your definition of a horse," (Pg 3) says the eminently practical Mr. Thomas Gradgrind of Charles Dickens' unforgettable novel, Hard Times. Utilitarianism in Charles Dickens' Hard Times - SchoolWorkHelper Dickens provides three vivid examples of this utilitarian logic in Hard Times. Ironically Bitzer, using the tools of factuality that he had learned in Gradgrinds Charles Dickens' Hard Times: Industrialization, Women, Utilitarianism Louisa – Mr. Gradgrind's daughter, her father raised her on facts, married to In Hard Times Dickens sharply criticizes the poor living conditions of the working Hard Times: Character Profiles | Novelguide Hard Times: Character Profiles, Free Study Guides and book notes including comprehensive chapter Bitzer Bitzer is a boy who attends Gradgrind's school. How does Dickens present his views on education in hard times Bitzer is a model student, he has always strictly followed the system Significance of Emotional Education in Dickens' Novel, Hard Times Essay - Set in the ever SparkNotes: Hard Times: Character List A list of all the characters in Hard Times. The Hard Times characters covered include: Thomas Gradgrind, Louisa, Thomas Gradgrind, Jr, Josiah Bounderby,

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The critics' views of Hard Times lurch from one extreme to the other. One characterises it as ; yet another's view is that it is his and . These views seem to be rather partisan, reflecting the political and socio-economic views of the individual, rather than impartially judging any merit in, or assessment of, the novel itself. It is undoubtedly not his best work, but it is enjoyable nevertheless. Parts of it made me laugh out loud; I felt suitably shocked, saddened and indignant at others. It has all Dickens's sarcasm, wit, expostulation, sentiment and ridiculous cameos. He can shift in a page-turn from scathing satire to heart-rending pathos. In a way Hard Times is a throwback. It is dissimilar to the majestic novels which immediately precede it, but is more reminiscent of the biting sarcasm of the early novels such as . It does however show the maturity and skill of the later writer. There is tragedy, frailty, robbery, treachery, deceit, impersonation, violence, greed, overarching ambition, possibly an attempted murder, imprisonment and deportation; all humanity and inhumanity is here.

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At an early age, every person is exposed to objects that stimulate our imagination: nursery rhymes such as Old McDonald, or television shows such as Barney. From then on, we grow up to be balanced, healthy people, a perfect mix of both creativity and smarts. Rarely are there times where one is raised in extreme conditions, such as exposure to only studies and facts, or raised purely on sweets and fairy tales. This is the case in Charles Dicken’s Hard Times, for we see the confrontation of the world of Fact colliding into Fancy. Life in Coketown, a small mill settlement, is characterized by hard evidence, facts. This is world of Fact, and those raised by this firm system can see the world in nothing other than straight, black and white lines. Mr. Gradgrind, his children Louisa Gradgrind and Tom Gradgrind, and Mr. Bounderby are a few characters that reside in this world full of linearity. When the circus comes to town, however, their world is turned upside down. For the first time, Fancy enters this forsaken land and launches a string of events that lead, not only to tragedy, but happiness. Sissy Jupe, Stephen Blackpool, and Rachael represent the world of Fancy. With the introduction of this new force, the two worlds no longer exist separately but begin to mesh together. We find that, although these incredible opposites may seem least likely to fit together, it is with the combination of these two opposites that allow us to grow to be reasonable adults.
In several key scenes, we see the forces and views of the education of the mind and the education of the heart ultimately has to combine for one to feel whole. On one side, Mr. Gradgrind, Louisa and Bitzer represent the education of the mind, where they are raised, taught, and conditioned to view the world in terms of statistics and details. Mr. Gradgrind educated all the children in the Gradgrind School to grow solely on Fact, so when Bitzer, a juvenile child conditioned by this system, is asked to define a...