[...] Photo Essay: Abandoned Russian City in Ruins [...]

In the Russian language, the word for Earth and peace is the same-. Beyond a nearby stand of trees, I heard the voices of other children. Looking, I saw these youngsters playing happily, framed by an arch of green. Aiming my camera at this simple, peaceful scene, I clicked the shutter.Our Beautiful Earth: Photos and Essays of My Travels

[...] Photo essay of an abandoned city somewhere in Russia. Looks nice. [...]

[...] English Russia » Lost City of Chernobyl:This is a great photo-essay on what is now the abandoned city of Chernobyl. I find that many of us in the don’t really grasp the magnitude of that disaster and its consequences to a whole region. [...]

Photo Essay: Russia Leaves Eastern Europe Out in the …

Russia The Guardian picture essay. On thin ice: a Siberian highway photo essay.

[...] first, unnamed, city is featured in a photo-essay on the English Russia site. It was a closed city during the Soviet era; strategically important [...]